Thursday, June 18, 2015

Logo For My New Online Business

Sooooo, to Logo or not to Logo, that is the question.

As someone who is trying to get her company off the ground, I've decided that the money I have will be put towards materials, to give my customers a better finished product.

That is to say that when I decided I needed a logo I hopped on over to and went on exhaustive search for a designer that was comfortable with vintage inspired logos.

I had already created a (completely hilarious - I am SO not an artist) rough draft, chosen my colors and even knew how I wanted the placement.

Unfortunately the designer didn't really "get me" and the final product isn't exactly what I envisioned.

So to that end, and perhaps even until I can finance the logo I truly want, I will continue to use the place holder I created myself (see above) courtesy of for fah-ree! And I'll sit on the one I had done on fiverr, at least for now.

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