You Asked, I Answered

Reality Bites! FAQ
(And by frequently asked, I of course mean I've been asked at least once :)

What's up with your business name?

It's a statement referencing the many times in our lives that some f%#ked up shizz happens and though the choices and circumstances are out of our control, we somehow suffer the consequences.

Why haven't you posted your real name up?

I am working under the cloak of anonymity at the moment because there are sad, petty people out there (we'll call them the HATERS) that troll online for information about me and my kids and until I am officialy up and running I don't want to have my personal info up.

What is a "HATER"?

Someone whose sole purpose in life is to try to break apart someone, relationship, business, happiness, friendships etc. Someone basically, that we should all feel sorry for.

So What kind of cards will you be selling?

If I tell ya, I have to kill ya. Tee hee...Well again, this is hush hush for now. I am a small online home business owner and until my first collection is up for sale, sorry, you'll have to wait. This company is how I intend to eventually support my family, cant be giving away trade secrets now can I? But in my humble opinion, it'll be worth the wait. Jus sayin.

What made you decide to start your business?

After a horrible personal tragedy a few years ago I stopped writing. That included a popular single mom blog I'd built as well as quite a few e-books. In the past year or so, I have started to write again and I got this super funny, crazy fabulous idea. I floated it around to a small control group and bam! I decided to go for it.

How many employees do you have?

Well lets see, If you count my multiple personalities, kids and occasional lizards that somehow always find their way into our house, ummmm, like, 15. If you don't then just the one for now, moi! :)

Where can I find you on Social Media?

What is this "social media" you speak of?

I have a confession, I have never had any personal social media accounts. I know, I know right! Cah-razy pants...however I know that in this day and age I can't expect to start an online buiness and not be on some form of social media platform. To that end, I will be creating an instagram account soon.

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